Battle Royale! (New Guns, Maps + MORE)

We’re the banger of gameplay But just before we get into that we have got huge details on new updates there in the work for fortune, Battle Royale That makes the smoke Grenade the launch pad and a brand new SMG look tiny in comparison For everything in this plan for this game. That’s pretty amazing, and I’m gonna cover all of it for you guys right here Just before we jump in some live fortnight action. I’ve said this Thank you to all you guys are the hidden a little notification bell next to subscribe becoming a part for Notification squad all the support My fortnight videos has been blowing my mind, so thank you so many guys Honestly it means so much and I really really appreciate it so as for updates that are planned and in the works the fortnight team put out a Development post letting us know what they’re working on and what becomes fortnight really soon Let’s take a look at it all first of all with an inventory remap which means that the actual way that the inventory looks when you’re Bringing up all of your items is gonna be changing a little bit tweet to be a lot smoother and look Aesthetically a lot nicer so this I guess draws a lil bit of information from Minecraft You can actually drag an item out of the boxes And if you let go it will drop the item on the floor there will also be quick keys It’ll be added which allowed to drop exactly half of any items. You’re holding, which as you know can be really useful on a share That’s awesome news now currently when you finish a game a fortnight battle You know which position you are in and who killed you B Don’t get many details. Take a look at this. They’re gonna be including a load of information including How many assists revives?

Accuracy hit Creek two hits loads of details that will all be displayed at the end of a game’s you can get a little bit More feedback and where you did well where things were a little bit wrong, and I think this is great I think the needs bit a little bit more detail and what’s exactly going on in a game when it comes to a death? So you can improve show off to your friends if you do well And I’m really liking this now this one gets me so excited map updates They’re going to be adding unique Pio eyes which is point of interest to the map to fill in some empty spaces and absolute variety to the gameplay actually said today when I was playing some games on fortnight that the left-hand side of the map currently is a lot more sparse and doesn’t have enough drop points as it does on the Right-hand side of the map so take a look at this picture right here of a brand new city in fortnight’s Battle Royale This is going to be coming soon to the mat And it also going to be updating some existing areas on the map such as swamp and mountain regions to make look a bit more visually appealing and also be more obvious from the map view so from the top down And I think this is amazing news

Sometimes it gets a little bit stale jumping to the same map over and over and over and just sees little tweaks new towns especially is Amazing and mixes up the gameplay and makes it so much more exciting to find these new places Now as we had the introduction of a shop recently that gives us different? customization for our umbrella our gliders our pickaxe and also our character however They’re going to be going even further into this and you can see one of the model assets on screen here Just giving more unique personality and design features to all of those things to spice them up, even more, keep an eye on the shop and ingame for more new characters that Look even cooler coming soon. That was a big segment on the update covering audio so important in the game like fortnight, and it’s depending on the server if you’re standing on depending on whether or not you’re above or below a Character loads of little tweaks so that is very exciting and is really really important for a game like this Finally they say on the horizon And these are some bigger updates on the way more items and more weapons that is right They even say here for the recent update of the Bush Launchpad Sun SMG slurp juice and smoke grenade is only scratching the surface Of what they want to add to gets me so excited I don’t want to add too many things to a point where it just seems overkill is too much to choose between But I think little additions here And there really mix up the gameplay Give you more unique ways to win your games of fortnight and have fun of your friends And this is great news guys more stuff is definitely coming they’ve also said that they’re going to be bringing custom games better support for spectating players Which hints potentially at some sort of eSports and more competitive aspect of this game, which is certainly exciting? and then the final thing we’re going to cover if the badges and Medals and these are medals, which I think will be similar to courage which is a pop-up mid game If you get like a really cool kill Like if you throw yourself off a mountain and rocket launch or someone or something the boobies cause unique medals and badges which will pop Up and show that it does something really cool engage Oh, I told you guys There are some huge amazing updates coming to this game and Hopefully you guys like the sound of them all let me know you think down below in the comment section things are looking good I’m absolutely loving this game and a fact this game so much support from the developers is just Amazing so now that we’ve covered all the updates Let’s jump into some live for my action as always.

We’re going for that number one spot if you guys are excited Give it a big fat thumbs up make sure you subscribe for more fortnight without further ado Let’s jump into it ladies and gentlemen were all about switching it up and we’re landing in the prison I cannot remember the last time I landed here, to be honest with you and actually Surprisingly not expect this. It’s actually a few people landed here with me well welcome It’s gonna be a battle to the death so hope you are prepared for this because I am definitely willing to go all out to lockdown I have no idea what that guy off to Maybe there’s a party we’re not invited to but I certainly want to see what’s up. What are you doing, buddy? Okay, one person down already. I think you must have heard me saying. I wanted to take that prisons my own He got a little bit scared poor guy had no weapon I’m pretty sure I also have never ever Since playing this game ever landed in the moisty mire in my life and it looks disappointing Cannot lie Maybe this is one of the kinds of places that they’re going to revamp and change visually and hopefully give a little bit more action too because who lands it you guys ever land in the moisty my if you don’t fair enough Please don’t take offense maybe it’s a good place No Just don’t know Anything about it for its places like this over on the left-hand side of the map that I think does need a little bit of What the prisons great don’t get me wrong, but there’s not enough going around to pay off me someone’s around here Chest Science testing for you why not why not The shotgun was just at the wrong angle oh That was Extremely extremely close.

I told them I was gonna make this prison mine, and I wasn’t lying let’s bandage back up Let’s put ourself in a position. We can actually take people on he had a scar amazing I’m gonna leave my Uncommon assault rifle here to be honest with you guys stick of a shotgun and sat in silence SMG I think I got actually seen a distance there a little shield as well It’s just looking good wow talk about an interesting start genuinely didn’t really expect anyone to come and shoot with me here into prison But Ference a little bit more popular than I expected I guess I need to go and explore the map a little bit more and hang out in these new places a little bit Sibs anything up here. Oh, yeah, that’s right.

It’s that if the door but leads to nowhere I mean at least a piece might vomit or take that but I forgot if you open that up you just literally looking at the Other side of the world to be honest with you. I can hear another chest here I Don’t know if I saw oh another Legend another epic scar wow it’s giving all the best weapons apparently I think it was only me and two other people to actually land It’s the experience with you guys, so I don’t know if we’re gonna find anyone else I’m just gonna spend as much time as I can oh, it’s upstairs here We go and exploring and just trying to take in as much loot as possible to get as setup as possible Wow, man it’s good if I could get myself another shield then that would actually be perfect home I Think there’s a few more buildings in here. We haven’t quite checked out yet Let’s make our way up to the top and to see I did see something green This is what other better actually Oh ammo, beautiful, beautiful Thank you so much Bandages is that I thought it may be a smoke grenade It’s right. It’s only a pistol not ready to to necessary.

We’re not too far from the next ring it will come in all Potential slap juice over there that would literally be perfect right now What is it gonna be? What? 3 Epic scars in the first place we spawning that’s crazy.

Hey, I ain’t complaining about that. What do you reckon? Anything else left in here for us to explore Doretta moses.

It’s gone. I think but good to be honest with you Nothing up there. Yeah, you know what prison. I wouldn’t anything I was gonna say it’s a prison He’s been a pleasure and you’ve actually served me extremely well because anyone else said it came out alive They would have also had an epic scan alas.

It was just for me. That’s fine. Though. I’m not gonna complain Let’s get bring ourselves back up to at least 50 100 health shield split should be absolutely awesome But let me know what you guys are thinking of the smoke great getting a little bit of a go and load of fun playing using it for you guys that’s absolutely as Absolute your life is loving your people who think people really expect that really Lord it is illegal often think it’s just a grenade to be honest with you, but We’ve had so many cool. Little updates recently.

I mean at this moment It’s been literally a weekly thing the next big update for us is gonna be a new game mode Which was talked about a little bit in their blog post which is really cool And they’ve also said that I’ve only scratched the surface of new weapons and new items that blows my mind Weapons. I’m a little bit nervous about I’ve really like the balance at the moment of all the weapons they’ve got in there I don’t want it to get to a point where there’s a little bit too many items if I like traps and builder balls I’m actually kind of damned. It doesn’t take up a space in you in but you slot Let me know you guys think do you think you want more is more good, or is more gonna be a little bit too messy? I think people be a little bit split, but new things there’s always good news, right I’ve actually got a new skin on right here Let’s go up a little camo trousers your chaps who you love for the way and her beanie. Yeah, she’s looking very cool Oh, yes, we even found herself another chest.

I could I should goobies houses the alley a house. It’s good spirits with you I don’t think I ever play a game. I don’t come and check out these houses Let’s go pick this up put ourselves back up to 100 100 And we’re just gonna be on the edge of the ring here.

I think I Wouldn’t expect anyone to come from behind to be honest with you because we’ve just come from the prison I’m pretty sure we’ve cleared that that grew out pretty successfully but Always always always one of the biggest things one of the things that saved me in just the most weird situations has me just been stopping whilst I’ve been running away and is turning around and be like is anyone following me and Actually, it’d be surprised how much four times someone always has been built into unfortunately. You’d be surprised How people have just been following you for ages And then you can just turn around build a little build a little basin store them out You know I mean, that’s what we like to do What is there in here? Nothing too useful unfortunately, I guess it’s good for the science SMG part from now Yo, don’t tell me it’s another freaking legendary epic scar my god I’ve still got legendary an epic mixed up for my old advanced warfare days. If those guys don’t know and called you advanced warfare I’ve smoked there oh-oh sniper Don’t mind if I do smoke Mmm.

What you reckon smoked or not– That was all she shooting owed up Jeez Louise that was a tough gunfight, I lost all my shield in that oh, she’s got some spare ones and she’s got an RPG Whoo that’s what I’m talking about. Let’s go girls – shoot it back. I didn’t know expect something to come from that direction Thank God. I was looking there at that point in time that was just pure luck I kind of even played it off being anywhere near skill unfortunately, but we took her out up and actually I did it just them Obviously if I do anything a little bit wrong in these videos you guys like to let me know she’s great It’s good to get feedback But obviously if you crouch in this game you get better AES accuracy or ain’t downsize hip hip fire accuracy basically But in some cases.

It’s not worth doing simply because of how much slower you move whilst your abs and sometimes I will run into a fight with an an assault rifle and Shoot it and spray it like a shotgun and just jump like just jump like a lunatic because one bullet would deal a good 30-plus damage and sometimes it’s better for you to be more mobile even though your weapon isn’t quite as accurate Just in case you see me in a gunfight, and I’m jumping around like a bunny rabbit That’s why it could be really effective sometimes honesty guys 18 people left three kills to our name Apart from the two kills we got in the prison people are dropping quickly, and we haven’t really seen many other people she’s fine So good as long as we’re alive That’s what I’m here to do stay alive and get that number one place if possible also How weird is it seeing the RPG having gone back from the pumpkin to a normal RPG? I actually like seeing the noble RPG. It looks more badass, and I think it looks cool I’ve missed it to be honest we I’ve missed you RPG Standard RPG you were miss my friend right and after throwing all those compliments your way Give me some luck, and hopefully get me secured gay It’s good ahead of his rouse worried that maybe people be coming out of retail Grove looking ok Can’t hear anyone People have built over there cheeky backcheck Can’t see and deaf people have definitely been here Popped popped me. They now only dropped him about 63 of his shield So he’s gonna have potentially 100 health and another What 27?

shield remaining so that guy’s pretty shielded I’m glad I got the Shawn in though and know he’s knows he knows where I am now, but I don’t care I’d rather him have a little bit their shield going into that gunfight Made things a little bit more even you know I mean Nice cheese Louise Black Panther so one thing that was also mentioned briefly in the patch notes is actually the accuracy of weapons and then trying different things and Potentially making it a little bit more a little bit less accurate now if you guys saw my PC victory our videos my first ever win on PC I got it. Just before we went to Abu Dhabi on the weekend. It was banging bad gameplay I was really happy with it I had I eat the most ridiculous long-range shot with the ARS, and that was just after the update gone live Last week where they made the accuracy of a hipfire spread on on Assault rifles better and that I think they realized I didn’t say anything, but I think they realized it was too good You saw me mapping people with you assault rifle. It was basically acting like a semi-auto sniper rifle They have a hundred percent a hundred and ten percent Made the accuracy of your saw wife who’s a lot worse especially at range? That kind of showed it, but there’s definitely some gunfights.

I’ve been in today where emptied a whole clip whilst tap firing at range and literally Those puts down hold on here we go Literally like only one or no bullets is hit so just be aware of it because I’ve had to be aware of it Where the heck did that guy shoot me from I? Let you go afk for two seconds to check my phone. Sorry guys, and I get sniped in the side We’ve lost a little bit far shield Unfortunately, but it’s okay.

It’s okay. I was saying base just beware long ranges your autos are not going to be as a cure as you expand to be and snipers are deadly Which they should be a longer range it so? You see someone far off go for that potshot sniper shot probably gonna help you out more so Buddhists praying praying if your assault rifle Talk you for salt, rifle. We’ve got a ton of ammo having news data.

Made a kit We do actually have a spot free and our inventory which is pretty nice pretty neat. We’re top 10 for top 10 for kills Hopefully we can get some nice eliminations here and pick off the rest of them if we pick off six of them We could make it a cheeky double-digit game right at the end. It should be a lot of action I Wouldn’t be surprised. If someone’s up here.

I don’t have a shotgun regrettably we Do you think’s gonna hear me oh No one in here did not expect that generally did not expect that I mean estimate most quiet entrance in the world But you know what it’s like whenever you come across some sort of man-made base this point in the game You just have to assume someone’s in it every single time Where the hell you come from buddy geez That guy was sneaky Wow thank God I was gonna go down the mountain that direction I wasn’t gonna do it initially, but I realized how close we were and we can outrun this. This is fine This is quite so largely He was coming at you sort of man name that made Beatty knew I was up You came along to try and pop it’s not happening eight people left five kills to our name now who? What in the next ring thank goodness the last time a game ended in these words or towards the edge of the woods?

I just came out of the woods late like a sneaky ninja. I just blew a for no I’m fat this is almost the exact same way I Think I post the video like a few weeks ago, but I came through this woods And it was the exact same direction Do you guys remember have you seen the videos? If you’ve been checking out my fortnight playlist and watched all the videos you may remember I thought the fall corn on that truck was literally an enemy Supply Drop over there building over there someone’s definitely inside that Good What’s the use of RPGs? We don’t use and ladies and gentlemen or he’s jumped out? Oh, I think you may have seen me He’s retaliation is retaliating God build Ally build here We go take this take this seriously cuz it’s going like this guy and messing around oh My god oh My I did not expect her Whoa there’s not expected to push that quickly But oh my god, literally. What was I saying earlier?

Jumping around like an absolute goon and shooting your weapon or this Oh Legendry grenade Oh legendary RPG Let’s go Some med kits in now as well some traps in there as well Do you know what I’m gonna keep this loadout and Okay six people laugh six kills two are Naina’s good, but yeah jump around like a bunny can save you save me there That’s visual jeez eyes work around the bottom of this and see if any was chilling in the woods I’m sure I kind of hope they dog because there’s so many trees that could pop out off from there Someone’s firing some engagements going down. Oh, it’s back. Oh you got him You got I was just about to save as’ sniping is subsided. I was so wrong. Yeah.

I was so so wrong. Thank you Thank you to ever put. This it dope it says I build this no no think I did no No, this is a different mountain. This is the basis Carson. You know what it’s perfect.

I’m stealing it. I’m taking its my own It’s now Ali A’s base. It’s tiny it’s broken.

Let me fix it autumn we do n fix here we go Here we go okay nose nose nose Now this is where I’m really tempted just to fire a load of RPGs into trees, and it’s watching board explode Oh my god Someone almost almost sniped me where the hell from that. Where are you? Please say oh my gosh. You could not get You could not get the storm much closer to me right now Is tickling my butt right now?

Oh, hey up oh, it’s a base over there Where is he this could be a potential job for the RPG I’m checking bushes I Can’t see any nut bushes Let’s do this Come out come out wherever you are There is serious He’s come out. He’s come out. Please come out.

Oh, I thought you might take falling damage, but oh my god Just two of them in there all right. There’s five left. It’s me There’s two people in both buildings that would leave two other players on the map Someone’s sniping in the trees in the woodland. I am actually gonna say goodbye to everyone oh My god, she had no health unless you scarlet scarlet scores go to legendry scars and shield Become a tree a leak but cut that tree drink that potion It’s amazing.

I don’t know if that was the sniper potentially was But let’s not forget Growing for grades yeah, let’s not forget two people coming from the building’s over here. They’re still there. They’re gonna have to come out Fighting going on that’s good fight away. Oh, yeah absolutely fine by me All right time to metal base, baby, let’s make it a double let’s make it a two by two by one Let’s make it towards make it big.

Let’s make it proud what the hell some was lost in the storm Who’s that what you’re doing? You don’t get top what Oh someone’s been killed geez I? Bit spend all this time building its 1v1 Someone who’s lost in the storm GG and lock your main to what you’re doing. Oh, he’s a bush He has no shield oh, we could mess with this guy We could mess with this guy. I wanna take it Too lightly, but this is a potential chance system mess around him Still build it I’m pushing him. What should we do?

What should we do? What should we do. I’m gonna get this doesn’t get me killed but We get connait in there What do you reckon there is there? He is there? He is don’t let me get shot on me Hold him oh my god.

We know he’s it like 60 health mats Obvious guys so screwed One shot will kill him one shot will kill him. What should we do guys? Oh my god? Okay? Don’t get too cocky ally RPG from above raining RPG from above Down Come out come out buddy Meet my little friend Boom see RPG. I gave him a compliment beginning.

FIRST SPIN BONUS! – WIN on Tiki Fire Slot Machine

Okay, we are here at the Paris. We’re gonna play Wild Fury, and we’ve got $60 in the machine and we are gonna play… let’s do… $1.80 Hundred and eighty credits. And there we go. Here we go! All right, we’re going to take a look at the game rules real quick.

Let’s see, we get stacks of wilds. Three of those symbols in any position wins free games bonus. So, that’s what we want to do. All right, let’s keep going. There’s some wilds there. 90 cents.

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Got to get three of those anywhere. Oh there’s some nice wilds. Money back! Got to get three of these anywhere.

So, we want three of those. Already down $10. One! Oh, come on!

Is our volume up all the way? No. there we go. It was up all the way. Whatever.

One, two! Come on! One more! Dang it! Looks like it may need to be on the second, third, and fourth reel, but we’ll see.

Oh! There’s a bunch of wilds! We got to get those free bonuses on this slot machines. Let’s get that bonus going. There’s some nice wilds there.

$5.70 Uh oh! Here wegot something going on here! OH YEAH!

Wilds all over the place. There we go. That’s what we want to see. Every once in a while a dragon will come down and give us a bunch of wilds.

So we’re back to where we started pretty much. That’s kinda nice! Keeps us in the game a little longer.

One more! One more!! UGH! Come on! Come on.

Let’s get going. Let’s get that…uh… bonus. Or another dragon.

That would be kind of nice. There’s a quick stop. See what that does for us. Nothing?

All right we’re down $20. Ah, come on. Let’s see that bonus! We need that bonus round. AH!

Missed it by one! Dang it! Sixty cents. One more! Come on, hit it!

There’s a lot of close calls on this today. And then of course it shows up on the next spin. That’s nice. All right, we’re halfway through our $60. We got to hit something here. $20 left Another dragon!

Here we go! Let’s see what he gets us. Woo! There we go. Wilds all over.

Let’s see what he gives us. Only seven dollars and 20 cents. Well…that’s great…. We gotta get this bonus. Come on, bonus! Hit it!

Hit it! Oh, come on. It snuck right by us.

Oh yeah. Then it shows up again right next spin, just like like before. $20 left here on our round on this.

Sixty cents. It would be nice if we hit something here before we zero out, you know. There we go!

Five all the way across. $5.70 Let’s get that bonus round. Come on, bonus round, bonus round, bonus round. Well, we’re down to our last $10 on this.

Oh! We got a blue dragon coming down. See what he gives us.

There we go! Big win! Let’s see what he gives us.

That was awesome! Oh! $20! Well it keeps us in the game at least. OH! Look at all them wilds!

There we go! Another…. $16. All right, we’re back up to $43! We’re still in the game! Now, if they would just bring us some bonus symbols that would be…I’d be a happy camper, I guess.

Oh, come on! Look at that! Right there! Just barely missing it! come on Alright. $25 left on this.

Haven’t seen any bonus symbols really tease us again. Oh! I got some wilds. $2.85 come on All right, we’re down to our last $20. Let’s get some bonus here.

Some dragon come down. Save the day! Oh, come on! We’ll wait for a second here. Maybe taking a little short break. We have $14.40 left.

Let’s see what happens. All right! We got the blue dragon coming back.

Let’s see what he gives us. Oh, he’s just teasing us. What the heck! Stupid dragon!

Alright, $10 left. Come on! Keeps teasing us with these bonus symbols.

Alright, we’ve got….um… Two spins…and here’s our final spin. And nothing! We are down to 15 cents. We’re going to cash out. That’s it.

Okay we’re playing Lightning Link – Tiki Fire here at the Cosmopolitan. And we’ve got $40 in the machine. We’re playing five cent denomination, and we’re gonna do… we are going to do… Uh…50 credits. So that’s two dollars and fifty cents a spin. So here we go!

Right off the bat we got the… Right off the bat, we got it! There we go! Okay.

So, now we just got to keep getting these. Fill it up, and…um…we’ll see what our bonus is. That’s a pretty sweet little hit right there. Here we go!

Every time we hit one of these fireballs it starts us back up at the three. Here we go again. Spin button is a little sticky. Two more spins.

Come on… There we go! Come on, spin button. There we go.

Two of them! Right on! Here we go, hitting again. Come on, fill it in! Fill it in!

All right! Come on! Let’s fill it all in! Come on! All right.

Two more spins. Two more spins. Come on, come on, come on! One last spin last.

Last spin…. YEAH! Reset back up to three spins up here. Okay we got three more squares to fill in! Come on! We gotta hit it.

We get three more, and we get that grand jackpot of $13,000 that’s up there. That would be kind of sweet! Alright, three more spins to go! Come on! Come on…. Last spin….. Last spin, last spin, last spin! AW!

Okay, let’s see what we got going on here. That’s awesome! First spin and we get the the bonus.

HOLY COW! There we go! 205 210 WOOO! Yeah! Off of $40! There we go.

That’s a nice little uh…. T hat’s a nice little hit I’d say, wouldn’t you? We are up to $280. We’re gonna do a follow-up spin here.

And…. Oh! We got a wild there. And… Let’s see what we got. Holy cow, we hit something there.

A little bit back. All right! That’s it! That is Lightning Link – Tiki Fire. We are going to cash out.

Collecting our ticket here. $281 off of $40.00 into the machine. That’s a nice little bonus wouldn’t you say? Okay, we just cashed out at $281.10 off of Lightning Link – Tiki Fire.

And we’re gonna cash this in and put a majority of our winnings into our Winners Bank200. Ok, we just cashed out at $281 off of Lightning Link – Tiki Fire, and we’re gonna take our profits… we’re gonna take the two hundred dollar bills… We’re gonna actually leave the $40 that we started out with, and we’re going to the $40 we started out with, and we’re gonna set that aside so we can play with it again. And we’re going to take our $240, and we’ll leave this out for a tip for somebody. And we’re gonna put that in our Winners Bank200. We’re gonna take out the plunger, and fold our money like this, like this, and put it over the plunger like this.

Put that in there. $200 is going to go home with us. Tell you what, have another $20. We’re gonna leave that out so we can play a little bit longer. And then we’re just going to take this extra $20 and we’re gonna put that into our Winners Bank200 right here, so that we’ve got some money to go home with. So, now we’ve got two hundred and twenty dollars in here that’s going to go home with me.

It’s not going back to the casino!

Best Scalping Trading Strategy

Scalping is basically a technique which involves the opening and closing of trades in a very short period of time, in order to obtain quick profits. This trading method is based on opening trades and closing them with small profits, on lower timeframes. My scalping setup is based on finding confluence. A confluence is an area with multiple support or resistance levels, both static and dynamic. A confluence of support or resistance is more relevant to traders as it includes 2 or more important focus points on the chart.

Although it might seem complicated, finding confluence on the chart is not so difficult. You just have to train your eye to spot chart areas where multiple levels meet. Finding confluence on your charts is very important for scalping because these areas offer high probability trading opportunities. Before we continue with the scalping setup, let me tell you something important: finding confluence is quite subjective and it’s dependent on the trader’s skill, experience and tools used on the chart.

My personal rule is to find areas with at least 2 support and resistance levels, one of them must be a static level, and the other one a dynamic level. So, we need 3 confluence conditions to be met for our scalping strategy: First, we need an obvious area of support or resistance. Support and resistance is practically the foundation of technical analysis and these levels serve as a starting point for developing an idea of what may happen next in what concerns the price movement. So, we first look at recent market swings and try to spot areas of static support or resistance.

As a rule of thumb, if the line includes 3 or more swing points, it means that the support/resistance level is more relevant. But drawing horizontal lines around recent market swings can be very subjective and in most cases, we can usually only approximate those areas. That’s why we need to add something else for our scalping confluence setup. The second confluence condition involves the 200 EMA, as a dynamic area of support and resistance. I prefer to add the 200 EMA because, as a dynamic area of support and resistance level, is constantly changing depending on recent price action. In the case of static support and resistance, you already know at the beginning of the trading day where those levels are.

You know in advance where the possible areas of interest are located on the chart. With dynamic support and resistance, you don’t know an exact number, as these levels are changing depending on market fluctuation. This is a good thing for our scalping setup because we can use both static and dynamic levels in our advantage. So, we add the 200 EMA, and start searching for areas of confluence between the dynamic support and resistance and static support and resistance. Our 3rd component in our scalping setup is the Stochastic, used to pinpoint market entries.

The Stochastic oscillator will help us to spot divergences on the chart. If you are not familiar with divergences, a div a divergence occurs when prices form a lower low while the Stochastic forms a higher low (indicating a possible buy), or when prices form a higher high while the oscillator forms a lower high (indicating a possible sell).a divergence occurs when price action is different from the action of the Stochastic oscillator. When a divergence occurs, a potential change in price direction could be on the cards. So, now we have the full setup: we are looking for confluence of dynamic and static support and resistance levels (respectively recent market swings and 200 EMA), and we pull the trigger if we spot a divergence on the Stochastic oscillator.

Let’s see this scalping strategy in action. In this chart we see this level of static support and resistance and here is the confluence area with the 200 EMA (the dynamic support and resistance indicator). So, we have this potential area, but we cannot enter the market blindly. We need to confirm it with the Stochastic. We have a regular divergence. And we also have a hidden divergence, a more powerful setup.

All our conditions were met, so after the crossover of the Stochastic lines we can enter long on the market. Because we trade based on confluence, the stop loss order would be placed below the confluence area. The profit target depends on your trading style and risk aversion. You could aim for a 2:1 ratio, or put your stop to breakeven once in profit and ride a risk free trade. Here is the same setup.

We have a confluence area between the recent market swings and the 200 EMA. And a divergence on the Stochastic oscillator. If you incorporate also some price action techniques, the scalping setup will become even more powerful. Look at the flag pattern developed, which is another confirmation that the long position was the only alternative and short positions were out of the question. Here we have a short scalping trade. We have a clear resistance area right around here.

The 200 EMA serves as a dynamic area of support and resistance. Right around here, we have our confluence area. We see a hidden divergence on the Stochastic and once the Stochastic lines crossed we had the confirmation we needed and the high probability trade was on the short side. I know that there are some of you that are also trading the crypto markets. I personally don’t trade cryptocurrencies because I prefer to understand the fundamentals behind a market before i decide to put my money on it.

So, I’ve not tested this scalping setup on crypto markets, but you can back test it on a demo account, to see if has potential. On this Bitcoin chart, i found the confluence pattern, and the Stochastic entry here, but I’m not familiar with the spreads on crypto markets so I cannot tell for sure if you can profit from it in the long run. Why I’m talking about the spreads? Because of the nature of scalping you need to trade only the instruments with the lowest spreads. As a scalper, by default you’ll use tighter stop-losses, aiming for small profits.