FIRST SPIN BONUS! – WIN on Tiki Fire Slot Machine

Okay, we are here at the Paris. We’re gonna play Wild Fury, and we’ve got $60 in the machine and we are gonna play… let’s do… $1.80 Hundred and eighty credits. And there we go. Here we go! All right, we’re going to take a look at the game rules real quick.

Let’s see, we get stacks of wilds. Three of those symbols in any position wins free games bonus. So, that’s what we want to do. All right, let’s keep going. There’s some wilds there. 90 cents.

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Got to get three of those anywhere. Oh there’s some nice wilds. Money back! Got to get three of these anywhere.

So, we want three of those. Already down $10. One! Oh, come on!

Is our volume up all the way? No. there we go. It was up all the way. Whatever.

One, two! Come on! One more! Dang it! Looks like it may need to be on the second, third, and fourth reel, but we’ll see.

Oh! There’s a bunch of wilds! We got to get those free bonuses on this slot machines. Let’s get that bonus going. There’s some nice wilds there.

$5.70 Uh oh! Here wegot something going on here! OH YEAH!

Wilds all over the place. There we go. That’s what we want to see. Every once in a while a dragon will come down and give us a bunch of wilds.

So we’re back to where we started pretty much. That’s kinda nice! Keeps us in the game a little longer.

One more! One more!! UGH! Come on! Come on.

Let’s get going. Let’s get that…uh… bonus. Or another dragon.

That would be kind of nice. There’s a quick stop. See what that does for us. Nothing?

All right we’re down $20. Ah, come on. Let’s see that bonus! We need that bonus round. AH!

Missed it by one! Dang it! Sixty cents. One more! Come on, hit it!

There’s a lot of close calls on this today. And then of course it shows up on the next spin. That’s nice. All right, we’re halfway through our $60. We got to hit something here. $20 left Another dragon!

Here we go! Let’s see what he gets us. Woo! There we go. Wilds all over.

Let’s see what he gives us. Only seven dollars and 20 cents. Well…that’s great…. We gotta get this bonus. Come on, bonus! Hit it!

Hit it! Oh, come on. It snuck right by us.

Oh yeah. Then it shows up again right next spin, just like like before. $20 left here on our round on this.

Sixty cents. It would be nice if we hit something here before we zero out, you know. There we go!

Five all the way across. $5.70 Let’s get that bonus round. Come on, bonus round, bonus round, bonus round. Well, we’re down to our last $10 on this.

Oh! We got a blue dragon coming down. See what he gives us.

There we go! Big win! Let’s see what he gives us.

That was awesome! Oh! $20! Well it keeps us in the game at least. OH! Look at all them wilds!

There we go! Another…. $16. All right, we’re back up to $43! We’re still in the game! Now, if they would just bring us some bonus symbols that would be…I’d be a happy camper, I guess.

Oh, come on! Look at that! Right there! Just barely missing it! come on Alright. $25 left on this.

Haven’t seen any bonus symbols really tease us again. Oh! I got some wilds. $2.85 come on All right, we’re down to our last $20. Let’s get some bonus here.

Some dragon come down. Save the day! Oh, come on! We’ll wait for a second here. Maybe taking a little short break. We have $14.40 left.

Let’s see what happens. All right! We got the blue dragon coming back.

Let’s see what he gives us. Oh, he’s just teasing us. What the heck! Stupid dragon!

Alright, $10 left. Come on! Keeps teasing us with these bonus symbols.

Alright, we’ve got….um… Two spins…and here’s our final spin. And nothing! We are down to 15 cents. We’re going to cash out. That’s it.

Okay we’re playing Lightning Link – Tiki Fire here at the Cosmopolitan. And we’ve got $40 in the machine. We’re playing five cent denomination, and we’re gonna do… we are going to do… Uh…50 credits. So that’s two dollars and fifty cents a spin. So here we go!

Right off the bat we got the… Right off the bat, we got it! There we go! Okay.

So, now we just got to keep getting these. Fill it up, and…um…we’ll see what our bonus is. That’s a pretty sweet little hit right there. Here we go!

Every time we hit one of these fireballs it starts us back up at the three. Here we go again. Spin button is a little sticky. Two more spins.

Come on… There we go! Come on, spin button. There we go.

Two of them! Right on! Here we go, hitting again. Come on, fill it in! Fill it in!

All right! Come on! Let’s fill it all in! Come on! All right.

Two more spins. Two more spins. Come on, come on, come on! One last spin last.

Last spin…. YEAH! Reset back up to three spins up here. Okay we got three more squares to fill in! Come on! We gotta hit it.

We get three more, and we get that grand jackpot of $13,000 that’s up there. That would be kind of sweet! Alright, three more spins to go! Come on! Come on…. Last spin….. Last spin, last spin, last spin! AW!

Okay, let’s see what we got going on here. That’s awesome! First spin and we get the the bonus.

HOLY COW! There we go! 205 210 WOOO! Yeah! Off of $40! There we go.

That’s a nice little uh…. T hat’s a nice little hit I’d say, wouldn’t you? We are up to $280. We’re gonna do a follow-up spin here.

And…. Oh! We got a wild there. And… Let’s see what we got. Holy cow, we hit something there.

A little bit back. All right! That’s it! That is Lightning Link – Tiki Fire. We are going to cash out.

Collecting our ticket here. $281 off of $40.00 into the machine. That’s a nice little bonus wouldn’t you say? Okay, we just cashed out at $281.10 off of Lightning Link – Tiki Fire.

And we’re gonna cash this in and put a majority of our winnings into our Winners Bank200. Ok, we just cashed out at $281 off of Lightning Link – Tiki Fire, and we’re gonna take our profits… we’re gonna take the two hundred dollar bills… We’re gonna actually leave the $40 that we started out with, and we’re going to the $40 we started out with, and we’re gonna set that aside so we can play with it again. And we’re going to take our $240, and we’ll leave this out for a tip for somebody. And we’re gonna put that in our Winners Bank200. We’re gonna take out the plunger, and fold our money like this, like this, and put it over the plunger like this.

Put that in there. $200 is going to go home with us. Tell you what, have another $20. We’re gonna leave that out so we can play a little bit longer. And then we’re just going to take this extra $20 and we’re gonna put that into our Winners Bank200 right here, so that we’ve got some money to go home with. So, now we’ve got two hundred and twenty dollars in here that’s going to go home with me.

It’s not going back to the casino!