Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Transportation in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, CANADA – MAY 30, 2014: Canada line train passes bridge on May 30, 2014. The Canada Line is Vancouver’s new rapid transit rail link connecting airport to downtown Vancouver.

The streetcar in Vancouver made its debut on June 28, 1890 and traveled from the Granville Street Bridge to Westminster Avenue, which is now called Main Street. With a year passed, the first interurban rail line between two cities was created. This encouraged development of neighborhoods outside the central core. However, in 1958, the streetcars were replaced by trackless trolley and gasoline/diesel powered buses. Vancouver has the second most trolley buses in North America, right after San Francisco.

In Metro Vancouver, TransLink is the company put in charge of all public transportation. It provides bus services, a foot passenger and a bicycle ferry know as the SeaBus, a two-line automated transit service called the SkyTrain, and the WestCoast Express commuter.

Vancouver also has green alternatives to its buses. It has a city-wide network of bicycle lanes that support the large group of year-round cyclists. (Source: Wikipedia)

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